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Enterprise Mobility

The terms “Mobile Applications”, “Mobile workforce” and “Enterprise Mobility” has been in talk for past few years, but in Year 2012 Enterprise Mobility will evolve as the single biggest trend across the Industry with lots of Investment and Innovation happening. Many Enterprises Like Banking, Finance, Automobile, Service will put the Enterprise Mobile Application development on top of their list by expanding the use of the mobile devices and investing in mobilizing their core application platforms like  ERP, SAP, CRM, Employee Self Service Management, Expenses Management, inventory management, Business Information reporting, Executive Information System.

If you and your organization are looking at Enterprise mobility as an investment you would consider making this year. Yes, you have reached a right place. MLIIT is the company which can make your Enterprise mobility a true success.

Let’s understand why you should consider MLIIT?


MLIIT Expertise's in Enterprise mobile Application Development and Tools

Our Team Constitutes of:

  • SAP certified Consultant in Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) 2.1
  • Sybase Afaria ( Mobile Device Management ) trained consultant
  • Native Mobile Application developers with industry experience in developing and deploying  commercial applications  in Xcode, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile
  • SAP Developers with capabilities to develop SAP Gateway services , SAP Workflow, SAP web services and ABAP WebDynpro


MLIIT provides End to End Solutioning in "Enterprise Mobility" for long term Sustainablity


With more adoption to Mobile applications there are various challenges the enterprises will face


  • First thing that comes up is the security on mobile device
  • Each Mobile device has its own native language on which it works like iPhone / iPad is written     in  Objective-C, Android and BlackBerry on Java and Windows Mobile on C#.
  • Each Mobile device has its own specific IDE on which it can be programmed like iPhone/iPad uses Xcode,  Android and BlackBerry uses Eclipse and Windows Mobile uses Visual Studio
  • Each Mobile device comes with different resolution, sizes and Hardware Compatibility and Hardware Encryption.
  • There are different tools in the market like Sybase Unwired Platform, Flash Builder and soon

MLIIT has the expertise to advise on how to face the above challenges and create a roadmap specific for your organization.

MLIIT has the Expertise  to execute Enterprise Mobile Application Development in all phases of the project from Design -> Build -> Test -> Deploy -> Post Production support -> User Training and Hand over.



MLIIT adopts SAP recommended Best Practices, Process , Procedures and Methodology

We follow SAP recommended Best Practices, Process and Procedures in each stage( Project Preparation , Blueprint, Realization, Testing and Go-Live) of the project. Some of the deliverables include: Functional Specifications, Technical Specification,  Naming Convention, Development Standards, Unit testing document, Integration testing Scenarios, Code review document, user training document and so on.

Based on the customer requirement for accelerated delivery we also deliver the projects using Agile Methodology.


MLIIT develops Enterprise Mobile Applications with look and feel similar to Native applications

The Enterprise Mobile Application development tools like Sybase Unwired Platform ( SUP ) and Flash Builder from Adobe uses frame work like Hybrid Web Container to develop and deploy mobile applications without any need to write application code and can usually run on multiple devices and platforms, these tools uses the device web browser to display the applications.

Though this approach is faster and cheaper this comes with huge performance issues. The solution for overcoming this is by using  SUP / Flash Builder to model and manage the data but the user interface is coded and managed outside these tools in device specific native code like Xcode for iPhone/iPad and C# for windows mobile devices and so on.


MLIIT specializes and has expertise in designing applications modeled in SUP and then developing the user interfaces in the native device this would help the user interface experience very much close to any other commercial applications on the device. Developing the user interface natively also helps in using the API and user interface elements specific for the devices like Camera, GPS, Accelerometer controls , building Universal Applications capable of running both on phone and tablet and so on.


MLIIT Specializes in Administration of Enterprise Mobile Applications, Devices and Enterprise Appp Store

We cater following services under System Administration

  • We work closely with your operations team in Installing Sybase unwired Platform and perform post installation tasks like applying licenses, support in setting up Relay server, Licensing systems and Deploying of mobile business objects to the server.
  • Deploying applications to various devices like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Administer security features like User, Roles, Domains, Configuring Data Change Notification and Trouble shooting
  • Regular Maintenance like day to day Monitoring, Server Backup and Restore

We cater following Services under Mobile Device Management

  • Work closely with the operations team to install AFARIA
  • Set up Afaria environment to manage devices like iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile
  • Set up the Enterprise App Store for iOS and Android devices
  • Add, update and remove application from user device without his consent
  • Backup device data, wipe off device data when device is lost, and restore the device data in another device
  • Manage which applications to be enabled or disabled based on location date and time
  • Manage and control device mobile data usage on roaming, setup data usage quota and alert users if they exceed the allocated quota.


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